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Study in Canada

Excellent Post-Secondary Education System

Canada is well-known for having excellent universities and colleges. Many of Canada’s universities...

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An Open and Multicultural Society

Canada is one of the top destinations for international students. Apart from the excellent quality of the Canadian educational system...

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Opportunity to Work While You Study

One of the great things about studying in Canada as an international student is the opportunity...

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Post-Graduation Work Permit

Beyond being allowed to work part time, Canada also provides international students with...

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Multiple Pathways to Permanent Residency

The goal of the PGWP program is to enable international students...

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Bring Your Family with You and Let Your Spouse Work While You Study

Canada allows international students to bring their families...

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Top 5 High Demand Jobs in Canada

Canada has a growing need for several in-demand jobs. Having the right skillset or even an interest...

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5 reasons why you should study in Canada

With over half a million international students, Canada consistently ranks among...

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What to know about Canadian spousal sponsorship

Canadian citizens or permanent residents are able to sponsor their partner through the Canadian...

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