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Who We Are

Crest Immigration Services Inc. is a Canada-focused immigration consulting company that is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. Over the years, we have helped many clients with their immigration needs including study permit, visitor visa, tourist visa, electronic travel authorization (eTA), work permit, permanent residence visa, spousal sponsorship, citizenship, among others.

Immigration Service for You

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Student Visa

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Business Visa

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Tourist & Visitor Visa

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Migrate Visa

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Family Visa

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Travel Visa

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Study in Canada

Excellent Post-Secondary Education System

Canada is well-known for having excellent universities and colleges. Many of Canada’s universities...

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An Open and Multicultural Society

Canada is one of the top destinations for international students. Apart from the excellent quality of the Canadian educational system...

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Opportunity to Work While You Study

One of the great things about studying in Canada as an international student is the opportunity...

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Post-Graduation Work Permit

Beyond being allowed to work part time, Canada also provides international students with...

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Multiple Pathways to Permanent Residency

The goal of the PGWP program is to enable international students...

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Bring Your Family with You and Let Your Spouse Work While You Study

Canada allows international students to bring their families...

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Top 5 High Demand Jobs in Canada

Canada has a growing need for several in-demand jobs. Having the right skillset or even an interest...

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5 reasons why you should study in Canada

With over half a million international students, Canada consistently ranks among...

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What to know about Canadian spousal sponsorship

Canadian citizens or permanent residents are able to sponsor their partner through the Canadian...

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Latest Blog

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Can I Migrate to Canada by Taking the CELPIP Test And not the IELTS Test?

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For far too long, many people with dreams of immigrating to Canada only had the International English Language testing Service (IELTS) as the only

Immigrate to Canada Through a Provincial Nominee Program

Immigrate to Canada Through a Provincial Nominee Program

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The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is one of the means that skilled workers can use to immigrate to Canada and receive permanent resident status.

IRCC is Temporarily Making Remote Learning Eligible for Express Entry Points

IRCC is Temporarily Making Remote Learning Eligible for Express Entry Points

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Great news! Canada is making the rules for Express Entry candidates who studied online during the pandemic less stringent. Usually, online educatio

Meet Our CEO and Principal Immigration Consultant

David Akinmoluwa is the CEO and Principal Immigration Consultant at Crest Immigration Services Inc. He is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

David is a graduate of the University of Alberta and has extensive experience in the areas of public policy and administration as a result of having worked with the Government of Alberta for many years as Senior Policy Advisor.

David also has vast experience with Canadian immigration policy and programs on a personal level. He has gone through the entire process as an international student, a post-graduation work permit holder, a permanent resident, and now a Canadian citizen.

He has assisted many people from across the world to meet their Canadian immigration needs such as obtaining a study permit, sponsoring their spouses, gaining work permit, restoring lost status, becoming a permanent resident, overcoming criminal inadmissibility, and obtaining a visitor visa, among other things.

David also holds a Diploma in Immigration Consulting from Ashton College in Vancouver. He is a project management professional (PMP), and an active member of Toastmasters International. He enjoys volunteering including helping newcomers to be successful in Canada by using his vast experience to provide guidance and coaching on how to land their dream jobs and successfully integrate in Canada.

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Why Choose us!

We provide information, guidance, expert assistance and legal advice in your complete application process.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of visa and immigration laws, regulations, guidelines, and programs and the experience that we have gained from successfully representing many clients. In addition, we understand that visa and immigration matters, including programs and rules, are dynamic and ever changing. In order to ensure that you, our clients are best served, we stay current and on top of all the issues. When you choose us to represent you in your applications, be rest assured that we will put the totality of our expertise and experience at your disposal.

Dedicated and Efficient Staff

Being knowledgeable and experienced is not the same as being dedicated or committed to the success of clients. At Crest Immigration Services Inc., we are a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated professionals who believe that your success is our success. We are passionate about what we do. We are here to help you navigate the complex visa and immigration application processes. Once you entrust us with your application, you no longer need to be worried because we will act in your best interest. Additionally, we understand that visa and immigration matters are very time-sensitive. For example, not applying when it should be submitted could lead to a refusal or the applicant not earning the right points. Therefore, we take care to ensure that your matters are handled in an efficient and professional fashion.

Trust and Transparency

We cannot represent your best interest if you do not trust us. Many of our clients are those who have been referred to us by previous clients, and the real reason our previous clients refer their friends and family to us is because they trust us to give them the best representation. Trust is at the heart of what we do. With us, there are no hidden fees and we provide the most honest advice. We are not afraid to say no if we realize that we cannot help you because we will rather be honest with you than waste your money and precious time.

Robust Online Support

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IELTS Training Institutes

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Interview Preparation

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Our Services

With our extensive experience and long history of successfully assisting our clients, we will put our expertise at your disposal to help you realize your goals.

  • Permanent immigration under the Economic Programs
  • Express Entry applications
  • Family sponsorship
  • Supervisafor parents and grandparents
  • Study permit
  • College/university admissions
  • Business immigration/investor visa
  • Work permit applications
  • Visa extension and restoration of status applications
  • Temporary resident visa applications, including visitor and tourist visas
  • Provincial nominee programs
  • Overcoming inadmissibility, including misrepresentation and criminal convictions
  • Refugee/asylum applications

Our team will help you to achieve your immigration goal

We constantly work on delivering the best visa and immigration services to our clients. We will guide and represent you most effectively through every step of the process- answering your questions quickly and submitting your applications in a timely fashion.


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Our team will help you to achieve your immigration goal

We constantly work on delivering the best visa and immigration services to our clients. We will guide and represent you most effectively through every step of the process- answering your questions quickly and submitting your applications in a timely fashion.


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What some of our clients say

“I have never met an immigration consultant who is so interested in helping me achieve my goal. Even when I thought there was no hope of me getting a visitor visa to Canada, Mr. David helped me to obtain a visa.”

Peter Adewale


“After being refused a study permit twice, Crest Immigration Services helped me to get a study permit, and I am now studying in Canada.”

Patricia Obi


"Mr. David helped me with my study permit. He was very responsive and provided timely updates. I highly recommend him for your visa needs."



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