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What You Need to Know About Criminal Rehabilitation

What is criminal rehabilitation?

Criminal rehabilitation is required for individuals who are otherwise inadmissible to Canada on the basis of previously committed criminal offences. Criminal rehabilitation allows individuals to overcome previous criminal convictions or offences so that they can travel or immigrate to Canada.

Who needs criminal rehabilitation?

An individual may qualify for criminal rehabilitation if they can show that

  1. They have committed a crime outside Canada that is considered a crime in Canada
  2. At least five years have passed since they committed the crime
  3. They were convicted of the crime and five years have passed since the end of the sentence imposed
  4. They are unlikely to be involved in future crimes.

Deemed Rehabilitation

A person who committed an offence outside Canada that, if committed in Canada would be an indicatable offence punishable by a maximum imprisonment of less than 10 years, is deemed rehabilitated if:
  • at least ten years have passed since the person completed the sentence imposed or after commission of the offence.

Serious crimes are those offences that are punishable by a maximum imprisonment term of at least ten years or an actual term of imprisonment of at least six months, if committed in Canada.

It should be noted that it is the Canadian equivalency of the offence committed outside Canada that determines if such offence constitutes criminal inadmissibility in Canada.

What should be included in a criminal rehabilitation application?

To submit a complete criminal rehabilitation application, the applicant must include:

  1. Application for criminal rehabilitation form
  2. Copy of the applicant’s passport
  3. Use of a representative form, if applicable
  4. Letters of reference
  5. Statements addressing circumstances of convictions and the applicant’s rehabilitation
  6. Police background checks
  7. Court documentation for any offense on record

What is the processing time for a criminal rehabilitation application?

Applications for criminal rehabilitation take between 12 and 18 months to process. It could take longer processing times depending on the gravity of the crime.

What is the processing fee for a criminal rehabilitation application?

The processing fee is based on the gravity of the crime. For serious criminality, the fee is $1000, and $200 for other types of crimes.

Be guided by a professional

It is important that you submit a strong application, and this can be achieved through the help of a professional such as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

To learn more about how you can apply for criminal rehabilitation, please visit crestimmigration.ca or contact David Akinmoluwa on WhatsApp at +1(587)-974-8942 or info@crestimmigration.ca. We are here to help you achieve your goal!

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