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What to know about Canadian spousal sponsorship

Canadian citizens or permanent residents are able to sponsor their partner through the Canadian spousal sponsorship, allowing families to reconnect and live together in Canada permanently. We know how important this process is for a lot of couples. We also know how stressful the process can be as well. This is why we are going to look into some common questions you may have if you are currently trying to sponsor your partner.

Am I eligible to sponsor my spouse to Canada?

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; you can sponsor your partner to Canada as long as you can fulfill these requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • Are able to financially support your partner for 3 years
  • You live in Canada (or if you plan on returning to Canada once your partner becomes a permanent resident)

What proof or evidence do I need to provide?

When applying to sponsor a spouse, Immigration officers may expect you to provide them with the following:

  • Marriage certificate or proof of common-law
  • Wedding invitations, photos, memorabilia, etc.
  • Proof of registration of marriage
  • Birth certificate or adoption paperwork/records of any children you and your partner may have together
  • Filling out the ‘Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation’ questionnaire
You must also provide 2 documents found within the list below:
  • Shared bank account
  • Pay stubs or tax forms (proving you live/lived in the same address)
  • Copies of government-issued identification
  • Car insurance with both of your names on it
  • Utility bills with both of your names on it
  • Any proof showing that you and your spouse may own property together

How much money do I need to have in order to sponsor my spouse/partner to Canada?

In most cases, sponsoring someone to Canada would require you to provide proof of a minimum amount of income. This; however, does not apply when trying to sponsor your spouse or partner to Canada. In fact, no minimum amount of income is required at all. As we stated earlier though, once your spouse or partner becomes a permanent resident you must be able to provide financial support in order to cover their basic needs for 3 years.

How much does spousal sponsorship cost?

Though you aren’t required to have a minimum amount of income to sponsor your spouse, there are still costs that come with applying for the spousal sponsorship. The costs can be broken down into the following:

  • Sponsorship fee - $75
  • Biometrics - $85
  • Right of permanent residence fee - $500
  • Principal applicant processing fee - $475
  • If your spouse has a dependant child/children - $150 per child
  • Plan on living in Quebec? - Additional $289 fee

I just married a Canadian citizen. Do I now get permanent residence?

Marrying a Canadian citizen does not mean that you are now a permanent resident or Canadian citizen yourself. Since you are now married your spouse can now apply for a spousal sponsorship for you. This means that you will only receive permanent resident status once your application is approved.

Is there an interview process when attempting to bring my spouse/partner to Canada?

In terms of spousal sponsorship, immigration interviews are not that common. Interviews may be requested by the visa officer if there are a lack of documents to show proof of your partnership or if some of the information provided seems contradictory. If you are requested to complete an interview, it is always beneficial to seek the advice of an immigration lawyer or consultant in order to prepare yourselves.

Can my spousal sponsorship application get rejected?

Immigration officers look into several key documents and pieces of information when analyzing your relationship and the legitimacy of it. As stated earlier, officers take traditional pieces of evidence as proof such as wedding photos with members of your family there. If you and your partner have more of an unorthodox relationship, any additional document providing proof can help you with your case. You can also write a letter to the immigration officer explaining your situation and why your untraditional relationship is just as legitimate as a traditional one.

Once I apply, can I cancel my application?

You may cancel your spousal sponsorship application at any point in the process, as long as your spouse/partner you are sponsoring has not become a permanent resident. You are not able to cancel or reverse your application once your partner has already become a permanent resident. If you wish to sponsor your spouse to Canada, please fill out our free assessment form, . We will review the assessment form and then schedule a consultation with you to discuss how best to achieve your goal.

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CEO and Principal Immigration Consultant

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