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What Are My Obligations When Sponsoring My Spouse?

What Are My Obligations When Sponsoring My Spouse?

Do you want to sponsor your spouse to become a Canadian permanent resident? If so, you must sign an undertaking in which you promise to provide financial support for their basic needs.
These necessities include:
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Dentalcare
  • Eyecare
  • Any other healthcare that isn’t covered by public health services
Before signing the agreement, you must be sure that the sponsored person will not need to ask the government for financial aid. If they receive social assistance, you will need to pay back the amount they have received during the time you were responsible for them.
The undertaking is a binding promise of support, deeming you responsible for supporting the applicant for the entire duration of the undertaking period, even if your situation changes. The undertaking will stay in effect even if:
  • The person you sponsor becomes a Canadian citizen
  • You divorce, separate or the relationship with the sponsored person ends
  • You or the sponsored person move to another province or country
  • You experience financial hardship
If you end up changing your mind and no longer want to sponsor a spouse or partner, you must write the IRCC a letter before the final decision is made on the file. It’s important to note that the withdrawal of an undertaking will only be approved if the IRCC approves it.
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