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Top 5 High Demand Jobs in Canada

Canada has a growing need for several in-demand jobs. Having the right skillset or even an interest in a particular field can help you find a successful long term career path. Let’s look into the top 5 in-demand jobs in Canada today.

1. Nursing

There are 2 factors that will keep nursing the most in-demand job in Canada for years down the line. The first is that roughly half of the registered nurses in Canada are between the ages of 42 and 65 years old. This means in the coming years a large number of nurses will be leaving the field due to retirement. Secondly, Canada has a large aging population. Services such as healthcare will only continue to grow in demand as Canada’s baby boomer population ages.

Provinces with the highest demand: In demand in every province.

2. Trucking

With the Canadian economy depending upon the truck driving industry, it seems as if not enough young adults are entering the industry to keep up with older truck drivers who are now retiring. Since goods will continuously be shipped throughout the nation, the truck driving industry will be in an in-demand job for years to come.

Provinces with the highest demand: Nova Scotia, Ontario, Yukon, Quebec, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island.

3. Welder

Welding is a field of work that is seeing growth like never before. With one of the younger workforces, welding is essentially creating more job openings than people that are able to fill the position, providing the perfect opportunity for those interested in entering the skilled trades.

Provinces with the highest demand: British Columbia and Prince Edward Island

4. Software Engineer/Software Designer

Within the next few years, it is expected that up to 21 000 jobs in the software engineering and software design field will be created. Unlike some of the other jobs on this list, this field is in demand due to projected job creation, not just members of the workforce retiring or leaving the field.

Provinces with the highest demand: Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

5. Industrial Electrician

Every year several electricians either retire, take promotions or move on to different positions and careers. This leaves a large demand for industrial electrician jobs to be fulfilled. It is stated that by 2026 up to 1200 industrial electrician jobs can go unfilled. This is a great opportunity for those looking to enter a secure and in-demand job in the skilled trades. Provinces with the highest demand: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Ontario.

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