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The Global Talent Stream Adds Five New Eligible Occupations to the Program
Employment and Social Development (ESDC) extended the list of eligible occupations in the Global Talent Stream (GTS).
The ESDC is a government department that works to support Canada’s labour force. It oversees many immigration matters, including the issuance of Labour Market Internal Assessments (LMIAs) and the GTS. A work permit program with expedited processing was created to help Canadian employers hire skilled foreign workers in the technology sector.
Under the GTS, employers looking to hire skilled foreign workers for one of 17 in-demand professions can apply for and receive a work permit. The GTS looks to set a service standard of two weeks for work permits.

New Occupations

Previously at 12 positions, the list of eligible occupations now has 17. Five engineering roles have been added, which are:
  • Civil engineers
  • Electrical and electronics engineer
  • Mining engineers
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Computer engineers

Why Have More Occupations Become Eligible?

As Canada continues to face labour shortages and a growing class of retirees, the country will likely continue to address its economic requirements in a much more targeted way. The list of eligible occupations for the GTS changes according to Canada’s labour market needs. The addition of these new positions indicates internal demand for engineering labour in Canada.
If you’re interested in immigrating to Canada through the GTS, working with an immigration consultant will ensure completeness and compliance with program standards during the application process.
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