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Post Graduation Work Permit In Canada

One of the many factors that make Canada a top choice for many international students is the opportunity to work and remain in Canada after graduation. A Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows a student who has graduated from an eligible Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI), a school authorized by a provincial or territorial government to host international students) to remain in Canada and work full time for up to three years to gain the Canadian work experience necessary for permanent residence. The length of one’s PGWP is based on the length of one’s program.

With a PGWP, students who have completed their programs can

  1. Work part time
  2. Work full time
  3. Be self-employed, and
  4. Live anywhere in Canada

Requirements To Apply For A PGWP

For one to be qualified for a PGWP, one must:

  1. Hold a valid study permit or have applied to extend one’s study permit before it expired
  2. Have completed a study program from a DLI that is at least eight months, which led to a certificate, degree, or diploma.
  3. Have studied full time
  4. Have received a transcript and an official letter from a DLI that verifies that one has met the requirements to complete their program of study.
  5. Have completed at least 50% of one’s program in Canada and in-person.

How Long Can A PGWP Be Valid?

A PGWP can be valid for a period between eight months and three years, depending on the length of one’s program.

When Should One Apply For A PGWP?

One can apply after one’s letter of completion is available which verifies that you have completed all the requirements of your program. Application must be submitted within 180 days of completion of one’s program.

Be Guided By A Professional

To succeed in getting your post graduate work permit, it is important that a complete application is submitted, and this can be achieved through the help of a professional such as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

To learn more about how you can obtain a post graduate work permit or immigrate to Canada, please visit crestimmigration.ca or contact David Akinmoluwa on WhatsApp at +1(587)-974-8942 or info@crestimmigration.ca. To learn more about how you can obtain a post graduate work permit or immigrate to Canada, please

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