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Misrepresentation in Immigration Applications

October 21, 2021BY Crest Immigration

Immigration inadmissibility due to misrepresentation has become increasingly common. Misrepresentation is defined as directly or indirectly misstating or withholding information that induces or could induce an error from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Types of Misrepresentation

Misrepresented information can be provided by yourself, a family member, or your representative. In all cases, it is the applicant who is at fault. Common examples of misrepresentation include:
  • Providing information to the IRCC that is inconsistent, inaccurate, or incomplete
  • Presenting a document that is falsified or inauthentic
  • Being sponsored by an individual who is inadmissible due to misrepresentation
  • Failing to mention that you have been denied a visa in another country
  • Neglecting to name a family member
  • Listing employment experience which you do not have
  • Obtaining permanent residence by entering a non-genuine marriage
  • Reversing the date and month of birth on an application
  • Lying during an interview with an IRCC officer

Consequences of Misrepresentation

If you present false documents or information, an IRCC officer will reject your application. They may also:

  • Forbid you from applying to come to Canada for at least five years
  • Revoke your status as a permanent resident or citizen
  • Record the violation on your permanent record
  • Charge you with a crime
  • Remove you from Canada

Common Mistakes

Misrepresentation is not always deliberate. Unintentional or innocent misrepresentation can stem from several conditions, including:
  • Presenting information that does not reflect recent changes in personal circumstances
  • Providing incomplete information when submitting an application
  • Family members, former supervisors and professional organizations supplying incorrect information

How to Avoid and Overcome Misrepresentation

If you have been found guilty of misrepresentation, you can:
  • Appeal the officer’s decision and respond to the allegations through an interview or a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL).
  • Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit
  • Apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada
There is no guarantee that the above options will be successful. Some ways to avoid misrepresentation are:
  • Ensuring all the information on your application is up-to-date
  • Confirming that all information is correct
  • Attaching all documents relevant to your situation
Misrepresentation, even when relatively minor, can produce serious consequences. To avoid any complications, contact David Akinmoluwa on WhatsApp at +1-587-974-8942, or email him at info@crestimmigration.ca.
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