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Great news for families seeking reunification in Canada! Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have just launched a ground-breaking technique that would drastically shorten the processing time for spousal applicants seeking Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs). With an approval rate of more than 90%, this reform is poised to revolutionize the immigration process and reunite families in as little as 30 days.

Until now, spousal applicants were required to remain in their home countries while waiting for IRCC’s decision on their permanent residency application. However, with the new processing time of just 30 days, spouses and dependents can now come to Canada while their application is being processed. This means that Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have spouses and dependents abroad can reunite with their families sooner and begin settling in their communities.

It’s important to note that while on a TRV, spouses, and dependents are not eligible to work or study in Canada. They can only engage in these activities once they are approved for permanent residence or obtain a separate work or study permit.

Other Family Reunification Measures to Accelerate Your Journey

Additionally, IRCC has introduced other measures to facilitate family reunification. Spousal applicants and their dependent children who reside with their sponsor in Canada and have temporary resident status may now be eligible for open work permits. This means they can apply for an Open Work Permit as soon as they submit a completed application for permanent residence to IRCC. Previously, this option was only available to spousal applicants applying for sponsorship from within Canada.

Moreover, open work permit holders whose current permit expires between August 1st and the end of 2023 can now extend their permit for 18 months through a free facilitated process. This extension applies to spouses and dependents of most temporary workers, spouses of international students, and permanent resident applicants.

These recent changes implemented by IRCC are a significant step forward in promoting family reunification and ensuring a smoother immigration process for spousal applicants. Families can now look forward to quicker reunions and an opportunity to begin their new chapter in Canada in a more timely manner.

Employ Expert Services

With IRCC’s exceptional processing time of just 30 days for spousal TRVs and Crest’s expert assistance, your dream of reuniting with your spouse or dependent child in Canada is now more achievable than ever before. Trust Crest to help you navigate the immigration process smoothly and make your family reunification dreams come true.
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