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Getting Proof of Canadian Citizenship

Getting Proof of Canadian Citizenship

A citizenship certificate is a document that proves Canadian citizenship for those with a Canadian parent. It gives you the same rights and privileges as all Canadian citizens. It is also one of two documents accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as proof of Canadian citizenship.
You can acquire proof of Canadian citizenship if you were born outside of Canada and at least one of your parents was already a Canadian citizen when you were born. To confirm you’re a citizen, you must follow the government’s process and apply. If you are eligible, there is no age or time limit for applying.

Benefits of Getting Your Citizenship Certificate

Getting proof of Canadian citizenship means you are eligible to apply for a Canadian passport, one of the strongest in the world. Aside from a Canadian birth certificate, a citizenship certificate is the only other proof of citizenship that is accepted. You may also enter and leave Canada without restrictions, visas, or permits if you have a passport. Additionally, you can hold more than one passport as a dual citizen, given your home country also allows this. Lastly, you can vote in elections, run for political office and benefit from Canada’s universal healthcare system.

Applying for a Citizenship Certificate

If you believe you’re eligible for a citizenship certificate, downloading the application package on the IRCC website is the first step.
You will require proof that your parent was a Canadian citizen when you were born. Proof can be a birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card or your parent’s citizenship certificate. You will also need your birth certificate and proof of identity.
Once the IRCC receives your application, you will get an acknowledgement of receipt, and then you will need to wait for approval. If you are approved, you will receive a Canadian citizenship certificate.
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